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Trade and freelance professions
Financial statements/ tax returns
Human Resources/ Payroll
Accounting/ Financial Accounting
International tax advice
As your partner in all areas of business and tax-related issues, we are not only concerned with complying with legal requirements, but also support you in your operational planning. We advise and guide you during all business phases - from start-up, during the consolidation phase as well as during the subsequent search for a corporate succession.
We are on your side in economic and other critical business situations. Continuous professional advice helps to detect and avert crises early on.
Tax consultancy and structuring
You are legally required to pay taxes and duties. However, you are not left helpless. Through competent and reliable tax advice and structuring, we create a framework for you and your company in which you can create the company's future with realistic targets, numbers and periods of time. We find optimal tax solutions that enable you to align and implement your plans (investments, loans, etc.) in the best possible manner.

Our services:

  • Ongoing tax advice
  • Tax planning
  • Representation before the tax authorities and courts in tax matters (including appeal and litigation, external audits and criminal tax proceedings)
  • International tax law
  • Criminal tax law
Management consultancy
With our bespoke tailored advice, you can profit from our know-how as well as our neutrality in order to lead your business in the direction you planned in the future. A regular business review not only shows you where you stand financially but also enables you to plan investments and perfectly schedule acquisitions. Sound advice during operations helps identify savings potential and optimise costs in order to free up funds or to improve liquidity.

Our services for companies:

  • Business consulting (including preparation of business plans)
  • Business crisis management
  • Advice on the choice of legal form and transformation of companies
  • Advice and support in credit applications and credit negotiations
Our services for freelance professions:
  • Advice on the establishment of group practices
  • Advice and support in credit applications and credit negotiations
  • Practical advice on buying and selling
Start-up advice
All beginnings are difficult, but with us at your side as your advisory partner, you place yourself on a solid footing. We investigate feasible support measures and assist you in formulating the relevant proposals. Where needed we also develop an optimal financing concept for your planned start-up projects. In all the issues relevant to start-up, you will enjoy the benefit of our expertise and long experience in contact with banks and authorities.

Our services:

  • Start-up advice
  • Advice on funding, and support in applications
  • Financial advice
  • Business planning
  • Advice in accounting policies and procedures
Business succession
Those who concern themselves in time with the structure of corporate succession will recognise that this process is time consuming and requires a precise decision-making. Important decisions on company policy, legal and tax considerations must be taken in the run-up to the company's succession. A smooth transition affects not only the company as a whole but also notably your employees, your family and, of course, yourself. We support and accompany you in this.

Our services:

  • Business succession planning
  • Support for the establishment of an entrepreneurial will
  • Execution of a will
The legislator obliges you to prepare and submit annual financial statements and tax returns. We will take care of all tax and financial statements related tasks so that you can fully concentrate on the day-to-day running of your company.
Our services:
  • Preparation of financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss accounts, income/ income statements)
  • Preparing interim financial statements
  • Disclosure of financial statements
  • Corporate and private tax returns (VAT, business tax, corporation tax, etc.)
Your business card: The financial accounting
Carefully managed and regularly audited accounting is doubly advantageous for you: Firstly you thereby comply with the rules to which you are legally subject as an entrepreneur, and you have an overview of the current financial situation of your business at all times. You therefore protect yourself from unpleasant surprises. We take care of time-consuming tasks such as entering documents or the open item accounting for you and provide you with a complete, concise, comprehensible and accurate documentation of all accounting operations.
Our services:
  • Financial accounting including digital invoices
  • Open item accounting
  • Asset accounting
  • Cost accounting and control
  • Extensive evaluations: BWA, lists of balances, controlling report
  • Do you take care of the bookkeeping yourself? Then we can help you and your employees with problems and questions by phone, on-line or on-site
  • Optimise the financial accounting by joint processing of your accounts through the digital document system.
A correct payroll is the chief entrepreneurial duty as faulty payslips can lead to dissatisfaction amongst your employees and unnecessary financial payments to the tax authorities or the social security institutions. By taking over your payroll, we guarantee timely and accurate payroll accounting.
Within the framework of the tax laws and standards, you have numerous structural options that grant your employees the highest possible net income and the lowest possible wage labour costs for you as the employer. We advise you on suitable models.
Our services:
  • Handling the entire payroll
  • Advice on special issues such as retirement, reduced working hours
  • Advice on and participation in income tax external audits, social security inspections and other inspections
Another main focus of our company is the international tax law.
Basically, an entrepreneur is free to independently organise their work in a foreign country. This can take place, for example, by direct transactions with the taxation in the country of residence, through independent commercial representatives, or by permanent business premises or subsidiary of the company in the source country.
We support you in your planning and develop interesting tax models and examine the legal position under national tax law, anti-abuse regulations ("tax avoidance") as well as authoritative provisions of the double taxation law. In addition, we support you in clarifying any foreign tax laws, including the application of the double tax law from the perspective of the foreign state.
We offer foreign companies with subsidiaries or permanent business premises in Germany our entire range of services such as (income) tax registration, preparation of accounts, financial statements and tax returns up to comprehensive tax advice and tax representation with the German financial authorities in order to fulfil their tax obligations.
Our services
In addition to constant and individual advice and representation in all tax related matters in international issues, our services include:
  • Assistance in establishing permanent establishment abroad
  • Establishment of branches of foreign companies in Germany
  • Transfer of tax obligations of foreign companies (subsidiary) in Germany
  • Preparation of payroll and financial accounting, financial statements and tax returns for foreign companies in Germany
  • Allocation of income with domestic and foreign operating sites
  • Solution of VAT problems in cross-border deliveries and services
  • Submission of proposals in VAT refund procedure
  • Avoidance of double taxation due to overlapping of national law

Private individuals
Income tax
Property/ financial advice
Inheritance/ gift
Execution of a will
As a private individual, you can also benefit from professional and trustworthy advice regarding asset and tax issues. No matter whether it is a suitable model for the current financial and liquidity plan, a personal retirement provision, or the transfer of property and assets to the next generation, we develop individual solutions for you that will give you peace of mind for the future.
Our services:
  • Tax planning and tax-optimised asset planning
  • Updated information on current developments in tax law, tailored to your personal needs.
  • Planning and execution of private sale transactions
  • Representation before the tax authorities and courts in tax matters (including appeals)
  • Retirement planning and advice
"What if I had died yesterday?"

Hardly anyone can easily answer this question in terms of his or her estate with a clear conscience because in Germany ...
  • 77% do not have a will
  • 20% have a defective will and only
  •  3% have a correct will.
Why do you need a will?
  • Without a will or inheritance contract, the determination of heirs by law takes place (so-called intestate succession). Only the spouse and/ or relatives will inherit. If there are no heirs, the estate goes to the State.
  • Any decisions or distribution of the estate that differ from the law are only possible with the establishment of a will or by entering into an inheritance contract.
    We support you - where necessary, in collaboration with a notary or lawyer - and can provide you with the best advice due to years of trusting cooperation.
  • Without a will, there is no execution of the will.
Who should write a will?
  • Anyone who has vulnerable dependants.
  • Anyone who wants to avoid dispute in the family.
  • Couples with illegitimate children
  • Patchwork families
  • Carers for the disabled
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Property owners
  • Owners of complex assets
What are the duties of an executor?
  • They implement the testamentary dispositions (testament) of the deceased.
  • They regulate the liabilities of the estate.
  • They submit the inheritance tax declaration and discharge the inheritance tax.
  • As permanent executor, they manage the estate long term, such as the management of the assets of under-age or over-indebted heirs.
Properly understood, will execution means:
  • Protection for surviving dependants
  • Long-term protection of the estate against the deterioration of assets and abnormalities
  • Simplification and safeguarding the administration of the estate
  • Protection of assets against unauthorised access by third parties (e.g. own creditors of the heirs, Social welfare office, liquidators)
  • Fulfilment of charitable purposes (e.g. establishing foundations)
  • Protection of the company
In brief: The will of the testator, i.e.: THEIR will decides.

For execution of the will or detailed advice on this topic, our partner, Mr. Andreas Feldmann - "Certified executor (AGT)" - is at your disposal. The AGT certificate (Committee for Execution and Asset Administration ) stands for:
  • Sound training
  • Theoretical and practical qualification
  • Regular further education and training
  • Insurance cover
Execution of a will is a matter of trust.

"Don't put off till tomorrow what can be done today", is a phrase often used but rarely implemented. By considering the future today, many issues can be resolved to both you and your relative’s advantage. You have numerous options for the transfer of assets to the next generation. We will find the optimal solution for you and your relatives to give away or bequeath property, assets and other property tax efficiently.
Our services:
  • Inheritance and gift tax optimisation of your wishes regarding asset transfer in succession or whilst alive ("anticipated inheritance")
  • Execution of wills and administration of estates
The annual statement due for income tax is time consuming and in many fields, such as if you have real estate assets, require detailed knowledge of tax law. Place your trust in our knowledge and our experience because we take into account your personal and family life and consequently your tax situation and can therefore accurately align the income within the legal framework In addition, we keep all the deadlines in mind and assist you in any appeal after receiving your tax bill.
In acquisition and financing issues, such as with the purchase of larger objects, you can rely on our experience. We provide product neutral and independent advice in all respects. As required under the law.
Our services:
  • Advice on the acquisition and financing of property for your own use or rental
  • Asset-based tax advice
  • Assistance with financing and bank negotiations
The Office
The office was founded in 1978 by the tax consultant Jürgen Mülling. With his long career as a banker, it was from the beginning very important for Herr Mülling that the tax consulting services were expanded to include comprehensive business advice.
Over the years, the office has grown into a medium-sized tax­consultancy firm and changed its name to Mülling & Partner Tax Consultants in 1998 following the entry of the accountant and tax consultant Volker Bordewisch. The tax consultants Andreas Feldmann and Susanne Hentscher complete the shareholders with their experience and expertise. Jürgen Mülling retired from the tax consulting firm in 2003. On 1 November 2013 the company was renamed Mülling & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB.
Our clients include numerous companies of different legal forms and company size. Our clients primarily come from industry, trade, crafts and from the various service areas.

"All in one"

Thanks to our many years of experience we have built up a highly stable network of qualified lawyers, notaries, accountants and professional advisers from the local banks in Bremen. If you wish, we would like to use these contacts in your interest and for your benefit.
The Team

We will provide you with our best advice and service together with our 20 qualified and motivated employees. The team is made up of accountants, auditors, tax specialist economists, accountants, tax consultants, certified personnel clerks, payroll clerks, clerks and apprentices. We would like to ensure continuity of advice and support, which allows us to guide you safely through the rapid changes in the economic environment over the long term.
The Partners
Volker Bordewisch - Chartered Accountant and Tax Consultant
Tax and business consulting
Annual financial statements
Preparation of business plans and start-up advise
Andreas Feldmann - Tax Consultant
Enterprise restructuring and conversions
Auditing as well as out of court redress procedures
Special tax and procedural law as well as non-profit law
Management consulting
Advising of foreign companies operating in Germany
Susanne Hentscher - Tax Consultant
Preparation of financial statements
Tax and business consultancy
Tax redress procedure
Address/ Directions
Mülling & Partner
Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB

Überseetor 20
28217 Bremen
Tel: 0421 / 17 387 0
Fax: 0421 / 17 387 77
Directions from here:

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Mülling & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB
Überseetor 20
28217 Bremen 
Tel.: 0421 – 17 387 0
Fax: 0421 / 17 387 77

Tax identification number pursuant to § 27a VAT law: DE 202 141 874

Partners of the company/ authorised representatives:
Volker Bordewisch (Stb), Andreas Feldmann (Stb), Susanne Hentscher (Stbin)
legal form: Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB
Registered offices: Bremen
Register court: Bremen, district court n°. PR 47

We are a member of the
Hanseatic Chamber of Tax Consultants Bremen
Statutory body -
Am Wall 192, 28195 Bremen
10 51 80, 28051 Bremen
Telephone: 0421 / 36 50 70
Telefax: 0421 / 36 50 7 -20
The profession of tax consultants and tax consulting companies is essentially subject to the following regulations:
  • Tax consultancy law
  • Implementing provision of the Tax Consultancy Act
  • Professional Regulation of the Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants
  • Tax Consultants fees regulation
The regulations can be consulted, inter alia, on the website of the Hamburg Chamber of Tax Consultants under "About us" - Legal principles.
The legal job title "Tax Consultant" was awarded in the Federal Republic of Germany.

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